OFT- On Farm Trial


  • Effect of foliar application of zinc and boron on productivity and profitability of hybrid rabi maize
  • Effect of potassium and zinc application on fibre yield and profitability of jute
  • Response of Bio-priming in Tomato
  • Integration of soil and foliar nutrition in influencing the yield attributes of banana
  • Impact of Trich ocompost in vegetable based cropping system
  • Varietal assessment through high yielding varieties of green gram during summer season
  • Varietal assessment through high yielding varieties of sesame during summer season
  • Impact of Biopesticides on Insect pests of Aman Paddy
  • Management of mushroom pest through sanitation
  • Effect of lime pelleting in acidic soil to increase the nutrient availability and yield of green gram
  • Evaluation of native probiotic culture in body growth performances in dual purpose backyard poultry breeds (RIR/Vanaraja/ Kaveri)
  • Locally available ingredients based feed formulation for the successful rearing of Pabda fish culture in South 24 Parganas




  • Effect of macronutrient management on growth, yield and economics of hybrid Rabi maize
  • Effect of soil application of sulphur on growth, yield and economics of hybrid sunflower during Rabi Season
  • Impact of retting technology on fibre yield and quality of jute


  • Evaluation of varietal performances in shelf life of tomato
  • Management of Flower and Fruit drop in chilli

Seed Science

  • Assessment of different varieties of Green gram in Summer season
  • Assessment of different varieties of Lentil in Rabi season

Plant Protection

  • Increasing productivity potentiality of mustard and farmers’ income using bee hive of Apis mellifera
  • Assessment of organic amendments in pest management of black gram
  • Comparative analysis of IPM module and new generation insecticide in managing borer complex of green gram

Animal Science

  • Effect of supplementing fruit peel wastes on performance of backyard poultry
  • Evaluation of Breed Performance of Colored Meat Chickens


  • Studies on comparative efficiency of Biophyton, Periphyton and Green Water Bioflocs Technology (BFT) for enhancing productivity and reducing cost of cultivation of GIFT Tilapia
  • Assessment of shrimp waste management based aquaculture of Litopenaeus vannamei production in semi intensive culture system.

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