Infrastructures and Facilities available in the Sasya Shyamala KVK

1. Old Administrative Building

This is the erstwhile infrastructure of Ramakrishna Mission Lakashiksha Parishad which was initially used as the office of Sasya Shyamala KVK from February 2015 to 2020. All the staff members sat in the Renovate Single hall. Before that all the staff members were housed in a single room in the 1st floor of Integrated Rural Development and Management (IRDM) Faculty centre of RKMVERI, Narendrapur during 2014.


2. Seed Processing Unit, Soil and Water Testing Laboratory, and Plant Health Diagnostic Laboratory

Seed Hub Infrastructure is three storied building in which Seed Processing unit, two Seed Godowns, Soil and water Testing Laboratory, Plant Health Diagnostic Laboratory five guest accommodation rooms and central RO water plant are there.



3. Seed-Processing-Unit

Seed-Processing-unitSeed Processing Unit for cleaning grading and seed treatment of seeds of all types of field crops like rice, wheat pulses and oil seeds. This is established with fund support from ICAR.




4. Storage Godown

Two Seed godowns are there in the two sides of the seed Processing Unit, developed with fund support from ICAR.

Capacity: 100 ton.




5. Soil Testing Laboratory

It is established in the second floor of the Seed Hub Building. Facilities are available for testing chemical parameters (N,P,K, Ca, Mg, S all the micro nutrients and heavy metals like Hg, As), pH, Ec, CEC, Org. C etc.), physical parameters developed with fund support from Rashtriya Krishi Vikash Yojana (RKVY).

Capacity: 500 nos. of samples annually.



6. Plant Health Diagnostic Laboratory

It is also established in the second floor of the Seed Hub Building. Faccilities are available for diagnosis of different diseases, insect infestation, ailments , associated with plants causing disruption of plant health ( fungal, bacterial, viral, hematods and acarine arthropods etc.




7. Fish Breeding and Fish Disease Diagnostic Laboratory Unit

Ground Floor: Three Breeding Units for Indian Major Carps (IMCs), Air Breathing fish like Singhi, Magur, Koi species of ornamental fish species are reared and bred. First Floor: Fish Disease Diagnostic Laboratory Facilities are available for water quality testing, identification of fish diseases (fungal, bacterial and viral etc.). Besides a well-developed Training cum meeting room with provision of video conferencing and (75” LED TV).



8. Fish Breeding and Rearing Unit for Ornamental fish Disease Diagnostic Laboratory Unit

Fish Breeding and Rearing Unit for Ornamental Fish Species, Biofloc fish production Unit and Fish Feed Production Unit. There are three 10000 litre capacity Biofloc tanks, Pearl culture is under trial.




9. Farmers’ Hostel

Farmers’ Hostel: Facilities available for residential accommodation of 80 participants in three bedded and two bedded rooms, four guest rooms one dormitory (for 8-10 persons), Guest waiting room, staff accommodation rooms, Kitchen, Common Dining Room (Capacity for 60 nos.) and a prayer hall (capacity of 80 nos.)




10. Vermicompost Production cum Demonstration Unit

Vermicompost Production cum Demonstration Unit Earthworm species used are Eisenia fetida and Eudillus euginae. Capacity: 8 tons per year. Size: 12 chambers of 8 x4x2 ft size.







11. Mushroom Demonstration cum Production Unit

This unit emphasizes about the village level demonstration on different mushroom  varieties mainly Oyster & milky mushroom for employment generation of the village people.





12. Azolla Unit

Azolla Production cum a Demonstration Unit. Azolla Species maintained : Azolla pinnata, Azolla rubra Round the year Production. Capacity: 10-15 kg daily Size 8 chambers of          8 x 4 x 2 ft size.




13. Dairy Production cum Demonstration Unit

For five milch cows and five heifers facility of machine milking, floor mats Paddock.






14. Duckery Production cum Demonstration Unit

Breeds Khaki Campbell, White Pekin





15. Poultry Rearing cum Demonstration Unit

Breeds: RIR, Kadaknath, Kaveri, Gramyapriya, Vanaraja.






16. Goatery Rearing cum Demonstration Unit

Breeds: Bengal Goat





17. Poly house and Shade net House


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